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This is a real life example that happened to me not too long ago. To tell you a little about me, I am a very honest and loving person. I try my hardest to be kind and gentle to every person I meet, because every individuals' feelings matter. Every person has emotions, morals, problems, and mindsets different than our own. That does not mean we should degrade and discriminate those people for feeling different than us. Here is my story.
Not too long ago, at the business i work at, an elderly gentleman came in about a situation. While my coworkers attended to his needs, I sat in the office at my desk preparing an invoice and receipt for this man. We engaged in small talk and discovered we had some things in common. Though he was many decades older than I, he too had moved out and finished school at sixteen years old, and pursued his life the way he desired. He traveled many different countries and met many different variations of people. I too had been to a few countries which we discussed. But, then he noticed the ring on my left hand and our small innocent talk turned into a dark burden I was shocked he expressed to me.
He asked about my fiance and how much older he was than me. I explained that he was barely five years older than me and we had known each other since we were small children. Growing up together was enjoyable, then he moved for a couple years but once he moved back our friendship grew as we aged. By the time we knew it we were madly in love and wanted nothing but happiness together. Sadly, this was not the answer this elderly man wanted to hear.
For the next hour, he ranted on about how he is simply using me for control and how he doesn't actually love me (mind you, before this moment I had never met this customer in my life), he told me it will simply end after five years. He mentioned he had been married seven times and got tired of each "old hag" after five to six years. He told me he wouldn't even consider marrying a woman who hasn't been around the block a few times with multiple partners. I was utterly disgusted as personally i cannot emotionally or physically give myself to someone unless i know that i love them and would enjoy spending the rest of my life with them. Its not a religious belief, it is simply my own emotional experience, i am a reserved individual.
After roughly forty-five minutes of this man flat out telling me i am a "piece of sh!t" for not leaving the "bastard" and traveling the world alone and sleeping with every man to figure out what type i like, I was pretty choked up and so close to bawling my eyes out. He continued his rant by asking me, "Tell me, why is he really marrying you? Why are you even marrying him?" and I was previously so emotionally tormented by my own personal problems a few months earlier due to an abusive father-figure, i was on the verge of breaking down and couldn't answer his question because i was trying so hard to resist the urge to cry. With no reply the old man simply stated, "See, you cant even answer me. You stupid little girl."
A few minutes after that, i told my boss i needed to leave immediately due to a family emergency, which sadly, there was an issue currently happening with my brother-in-law as well at the time. Since that moment, after many separate occasions of strangers degrading me as a human being and family members tearing me apart, i have been baffled by the nerve of some people.
How can you live with yourself? You hurt people so much, so deeply that it forever hinders them from wanting to go out in public, or doing what their heart desires, or adventuring on their own beliefs, all because you decided to be cruel in one moment, you have damaged a real, emotional, conscious human being.
So please, help me change the world. Be kind to everyone. Be gentle. Be polite. And most of all, be strong when others are so weak that they have to discriminate you to empower themselves. The world needs kind strangers, and loving friends. Remember, everybody has a soul, everybody has feelings. And each one matters. Perhaps theirs doesn't matter to you, but it matters to somebody; and that should be enough of a reason to take care of each other, as brothers and sisters and walk hand in hand, together.
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I'm sorry that this is an experience you had to endure. I'm sorry that this old man felt that it was his right to make you feel small, uncomfortable, and deeply upset. There is no accounting for the worst of people in the world. some people just suck. Some people just make themselves feel better by making others feel worse. there is no rhyme or reason, no sense to it. that's why I agree with the poitns you end on here. It's important that we be good to people. to be kind. to try and put good energy in the world. I have a tattoo on each wrist. they are reminders. one says "be good" the other says "be honest" I think these are virtues we should all live by. or at very least, try to.