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For whatever dish I make, especially if it's Latin food -- I add a copious amount of cayenne pepper. Typically, Puerto Rican food isn't very spicy. I grew up eating very mild dishes, but when I moved out, I started to eat different sorts of foods from all over the world.
A lot of them were SPICY.
And I fell in love. Whether I am cooking eggs or a stew, I shake that cayenne pepper like it's bouncing to trap music. I love how it clears up my sinuses, makes me sweat a little bit, and I add less salt to my spicier dishes.

Do you prefer your food spicy or mild???

Give it to me HOT HOT HOTTTT!!!!!
alsoooo we have a new community on Vingle and it's Latino Culture annddd if you're not already familiar, we have the Latino Food community, too!
I think only vegetable should NOT be spicy. I don't believe I should eat it if it's not spicy. Spice is the spice of life. Food is not food without spice... those are all lines I can come up with for now. and I mean every word!
It depends on the hot sauce for me. Tabasco is kind of blegh. Whenever they throw too much vinegar into the mix, it masks all the delicious.
Here's the thing for me about wasabi and hot sauce... 1) I don't think they're hot enough. 2) I hate the taste. I can definitely do like habaneros. I like hot spices that don't really have a strong taste -- cayenne is one of them. @danidee
It really depends on the source of spice to me. I can do wasabi and hot sauce no problem, but give me some actual fresh habaneros, and I'm like nope nope nope.
@alywoah it's a specific type of pepper from india, and one of the hottest peppers in the world. it's technically called chut jolokia, and it will like, melt your teeth (not literally, but still.) this is a chart:
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