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ok let's found out how celebrate you moving in together
door #1 house party
door #2 went out to eat
door #3 just a relaxing evening with some cuddling of course
door #4 went out drinking (maybe drunk, have fun with a hang over lol)
door #5 went to bed
door #6 playing games (there was some running so don't break anything)
door #7 he got you a dog
Playing a game I think RAP MONSTER going to hate me bc I get to competitive when it comes to game
okay, so, I started late and wanted to go fairly through this game so starting from the front to present..... okay, so, so far V (yay!)and I met on a dating website (haha wow, who would have thought?), moved into a huge home with a awesome pool, and we celebrated by playing games.... I am very competitive, I hope he doesn't hat em after losing!lol jk
house party
cuddling with Jimin
Went out drinking with Jimin.
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