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I'm obsessed with my cat, who my brother found playing in a parking lot as a kitten. He named it "Dude" and his name has been Dude ever since! Hi Dude!
I've been to Thailand TWICE now on mission trips, and absolutely adore the country and culture there. Aaaaannnnd.....
THIS is the man I fell in love with there <3 We were not dating until after I came back to America, that's why there's no huggy pics. isn't he adorable? *edit we are no more as of Jan 25th 2016*
I speak Chinese! 我说中文. 你好, 我叫 米加! 很高兴认识你!! <3
I work at Krispy Kreme. (that's located next door to a Domino's pizza lol) I'm ALWAYS working =l
I literally did not have a single true friend through Elementary and hardly any in Middle school due to a hearing disability I had as a baby that caused me to be unable to speak until I was 4. Because of that, I was unable to socialize with other children and got bullied/ignored a lot. But that's okay, it built character! These days I really want friends! <3
I like to cooooooook!!!
OF COURSE I'm into kpop. Infinite. BlockB. B1A4. BTS. Winner. 2ne1, Sistar, Lovelyz, AKMU, Ailee, ect.
And my Ultimate bias is Lee Sungjong from Infinite! His voice just melts me every time <3
Add me on Snapchat, Instagram, And Vingle of course! My username is Micahsaysnihao on all of them!
HELLO! I love kitties too. Also, soon cute that you named him Dude. It’s a kitty dude! haha. Also, real talk. Do you get free donuts at Krispy Kreme for working there. I LOVE donuts!
WELCOME!!!! I want to go to Thailand so badly! I'd love to hear more about your experience there. Also, I love my cat too, her name is Miss.Tuffsey hahah. Your kitty is precious. Welcome to VIngle!!!!!!
Okay first off you're hella cool. You've been to Thailand, speak Chinese, WORK AT FREAKING KRISPY KREME, and hello!!! you like BTS!!!! Come be my friend and cook me dumplings cause those look bomb
You sound like a very positive and culture girl! By the way, I think your cats name is awesome. I have a cat named Mustard and people are always like ??? ?whyyyy??? lol and it was literally the first thing that came to my head when I named him.
hey! there seems to be a tremendous amount of BTS fans coming around! I'm not personally a huge Kpopper, but I do like 2NE1. <3 Park Bom <3
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