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[Subject is wearing an army jacket. Smoking cigarette. Staring at hand]
There's something undeniably weird about morning routines. Do you know what I mean? It's like you do these things every day, every morning, and if you don't then everything seems off. Like your whole day is ruined.
Yeah! Yeah! Exactly like that! For the past couple of years, you know, I had this dog. And I'd walk her every morning. Like, I didn't even need an alarm clock, she'd just come into my room and lick my face and then lay with me until I got up. She had this weird snore, too. It was like a human snore. And every morning -- seriously, every morning -- I'd wake up thinking it was me that was snoring so loud [Subject is smiling with glossy eyes].
So, anyway, I'd walk her every morning and watch the sun light the sky. And morning skies are a lot different than night skies or afternoon skies. I wasn't really a morning person before my Beautiful Babe and I found something really romantic about those walks. It was me and my girl.
Yeah. I loved her.
Where is she now? Oh. Uh, she's... Um, gone. She was really helpful to me, you know? I got out of relationship where I thought I was loved but I really wasn't and then I got this dog and she, she really loved me. We laid together and -- I know this sounds really stupid -- but I'd tell her about my day as I mixed her food. And she'd sit there just, um, huffing I guess? You know how dogs breathe all funny. Anyway, she really helped me get over the terrible mess I had just gotten out of and, um, it was really hard losing her.
Can we talk about something else?
[end of interview]
[NOTE: While, yes, this is still included in Interviews with Man About Himself. This particular interview is a part of a series of Interviews about Love. There is a smaller, more contained narrative within this particular collection of Interviews. This has been Part 2.]
No, don't apologize, @paulisaverage. I think we're all in the same damn place. It's not like *I'm* throwing buckets of sunshine into the atmosphere right now. We're good. But the dog, man? At least I can depend on my dog... Don't mess with the dog. Lol
@ButterflyBlu @VinMcCarthy I'M SO SORRY. And I'm also sorry that I can't say things won't get happier.
DAMMIT @VinMcCarthy. I HATE YOU. *sniffles* I'm going to cuddle my dog now, you ass. You too, @paulisaverage... -.- I'm watching both of you. Jerks. 馃槩
@butterflyblu here's more stuff to make you feel pessimistic
aaaaaaand now I'm sad.