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Nobody likes unnecessary work. Go pro in laziness with these life hacks. Say goodbye to using energy on stupid stuff!
Life hacks are everywhere. Here are the best ones for lazy-ass people.

Never mess with parking again! Become your own traffic cop with this brilliant life hack.

Screw pillow cases, just use shirts. In fact, I'm going to do this tonight. I have a pillow without a case. This is brilliant.

Miss. Tuffsey where are you? Kitties have a new purpose!

Did you screw up and use a sharpie on your dry erase board? Never fear! This lazy hack will correct your mistakes.

Got tape? It's all you need to get your things clean!

Never get a blemish again!

Don't want to wash dishes...just toss 'em!

Forks are for losers.

If you don't want to do someone else, am I right? That's as lazy as you can get.

Above all else, don't clean until you have to.

Hahahah the birthmark one. I just imagine people thinking she has like, bouncing birthmarks on her face hopping from one cheek to the other.
@TessStevens lol.YEAH!I just agreed with her for her sake ;D
Yeah! I can't clean unless I'm in the mood either hahahah. And yeah, you're the only one that has to deal with it, so don't let anyone tell you that you've got to clean! ahhaha Right on @TerrecaRiley
I have a lot of dogs and my house is a fur disaster I've always used that tape trick to remove them from my clothes
I agree with the last statement.I love to clean but not since I moved to this hell hole!! As small as it is, even the task of getting ready to leave the house has me sweating like a pig, so imagine what cleaning is like. Therefore I only clean when I have the vibe. My aunt visited the other day and pointed out that I need to clean but she don't live here