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German Scientists have been experimenting with extracting the element germanium from plants. And as it turns out, germanium is a special ingredient used as a semi-conductor, able to transport electrical charges extremely fast. It’s used in computers, smartphones and fiber-optic cables.
Experiments extract the element = Germany gains germanium.

Germans and Germanium. I can’t get over this!!!

Science & Technology WIN!

So, once we get past all the Germanium German jokes. Let’s get back to the real point here. Essentially you take all the little plants, extract the ingredients mix them together and make a phone...right? Yeah, well a bit of the phone. We wouldn’t be destroying the plant resource, only just extracting a small part of it. Sounds like a win/win to me!
The process of extracting it is at a very early stage, but in a laboratory at the university in Freiburg, where head of industrial chemistry has a pretty awesome source of soil for growing high germanium plants, in Germany.
Also know I’m pretty pumped we are using natural ingredients to create technology. Here’s to an eco-friendly products.
Ein bißchen @nicolejb kannst du?
Germanium from plant! How possible without a metal souce?
Hola Tess como estas?
You guys are so cool! I wish I could speak German. I've got some Spanish...and British slang hahahhaah
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