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I like it lol Feel weird about it, but I like it, nonetheless lol @RaquelArredondo I think you're the Vingler who just finished watching this! Hope you may appreciate these, even if Just a little bit! ^.^
I think I'm gonna go back and watch it lol It's so good! At least, season one is!
Oh crap haha That reverse Burn XD Savage!
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@poojas omgosh! You NEED to watch it!!! Ugh, I was talking to my friend about it yesterday, and realized how much I miss it! I flooded my whole Facebook feed with nothing but Black Butler memes and pictures haha I'm going to watch the whole season one again tonight and two of the movies instead of sleeping! =D
@poojas *gasp*
@Arellano1052 @ButterflyBlu I will sometime soon forsure. Trying to finish 2 anime right now lol
@poojas ohhh ONLY 2?!!! Lol :P Just kidding. It's one of my favorites. :)
These are so great! LOL!!! I loved the first season and getting ready to watch the second in a few days. ^_^