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@exoexo thanks for the tag♡ The leader has the hardest job of the group. They need to be fun and loving and supportive, but also have to be serious and hold all the responsibility. Cant choose just one so.....My first and all time favorite is....
GD♡♥ probably the best and swaggiest leader there is , he is seriously the greatest most talented leader around ♡♥
second is Namjooni♡ poor namjoon is like a mom who has to put up with 6 bad kids haha. even with 6 kids he manages to still be the cutest ,sweetest person ever♡
next is JB♡♥ I seriously love this kid hes so perfect and so cute & extremely talented.
last but not least Sung Joo♡♥♡I'll stop here because I have no words for this one as you can see I kinda have a thing for leaders lol but hey cant complain because they are all gorgeous.
I do have to give props to GD of BigBang also. How can such a cute little pixie also be so fierce and bad ass? He is such a delightful dichotomy! 😊
uh do i even have to say mine? Kim Hyun Joong from SS501 duh! He was so witty and funny and just the easy going lead by example and make the hard sacrifices kind of leader hyung! They all still look to him as leader even now. he's my only one best! lol!
Gd, Sunggyu, Sung Ho, JB, Kim Hyun Joong, N, Doojoon.
hmmm... I think, maybe Onew... but then again... maybe all of them ^.^; lol
@AngelJoong86 I agree idk how its possible but it is and I love it
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