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Annyeonghaseyo~ My name is DeAnna Jade.. I am 17 years old- born and raised in Houston Tx. I am a huge fan of kpop {if you didn't already know this-}, KDrama {I will forever love You're Beautiful & BOF- They are the ones that pulled me into this world} I am a huge fan of the Korean Variety Show, Running Man as well {Haha & Lee Kwangsoo are always there to make me laugh when I have a bad day} I am currently learning how to write Hangul- I plan on studying English in Uni so I can go on to be an English teacher in Korea. I am kind of a dork, I love movies and reading. My favourite movies of all time are probably Nightmare on Elm Street and The Exorcist. My favourite books are probably Harry Potter and The deathly Hallows, as well as a huge collection of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories and poems. Pretty much it- If you have any questions about me, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them in another card ^-^ I would like to make a few korean loving friends, especially those who plan on moving to Korea, maybe we can meet up one day and have a bottle of Soju or something haha ♡
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@VinMcCarthy Nice to meet you as well! I'm glad we share a few interests, and I will try to meet the two! Thanks. ^^
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@RobertMarsh That would be great! Thanks! I will ask if I run into any problems with the language, and that is cool on the agencies part! I could really use a bit of help when going through that process haha.
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@DeannaJade, I lived there for 18 months with the Army and was given several job offers to stay as an English teacher but I really needed to come home to my wife and kids but I still have a few connections
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@RobertMarsh family always comes first! That's great service c: did you adjust well?
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@DeannaJade, I'm still adjusting to being back but, things are going well with my family and me
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