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those who know me on here they already know who it is
yep that handsome boy up there v from bts aka bangtanboys this boy is cute funny and is just a alien
lol I love that gif and many others but he is childish but that's ok cause I am too
but he can be serious sometimes lol
and he is cute and beautiful and out going and I wish I could be like him but i can't sad face
and his smile don't get me started
will that's my bias and I hope to meet him and maybe we fall in live together cause he said he wants to marry his first love and I want to marry him so it might happen lol I can dream
nah he has jimin he'll be ok @ParkMeiFan and plus I think j-hope would miss him ore v-hope is real lol
lol it won't end @ParkMeiFan and @B1A4BTS5ever will your wedding is silly too
@B1A4BTS5ever yes!! * gets the cloning machine*
@ParkMeiFan i guess :/ in that case clone them alll
@B1A4BTS5ever @amandamuska I'm gonna send him to.another galaxy along with jungkook so let's just have the clone because they are the same Xd
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