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{QQ Challenge} Where Would You Live?

The responses keep flying in, so it only makes sense to keep the questions coming! I love the conversations we've all been having about our favorite (or not-so-favorite) things in video games.
This time, let's figure out where we'd like to find ourselves if we were planted into a video game.

What videogame world would you most like to live in?

Personally, I would like to live in Columbia, as presented in Bioshock: Infinite.

A city in the clouds; the idyllic lifestyle of a lofty civilization. Plus, with viogrs aplenty, even an average joe like me could have some incredible powers! There are plenty of problems that I would do away with in my perfect version of Columbia, though. I'd get rid of the racism and the subjugation of the working class, and aim for a more functioning social hierarchy.
But yeah, that's mine! What about you guys?
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hmmmm.... I want to live in Hogwarts from the HP games!
call me crazy but I'd kinda like Racoon City
I would like to like to live in final fantasy nd kingdom of hearts world
I've actually never thought about that on any video game except BioShock. It would be nice to live before the downfall of Rapture or before the False Shepherd came into Columbia! (Well, maybe not Columbia. I'm afraid of heights. Haha)
@VinMcCarthy, it's from FFXIV
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