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Thanks to @B1A4BTS5ever for tagging me to do this. And I shall now reveal who my ultimate Bias is.
My ultimate Bias is Bang Yongguk. I just love how he's so nice, caring, sweet, and just so great. He cares a lot for B.A.P and he wants them to do their best and it's just like ahhhhhhh why do you kill me like this.
I love how he's just so passionate about creating music and music in general. I also love how he just has an open mind and has wisdom. I love who he is in general.
I love how he gets camera shy because it's like let us see you. And when we finally see him on camera it's just Oh my goodness. You are so cute. Ahhhhhhhh! You appeared. I died from my feels.
I love how he can go from shy to derpy to serious to sexy and back to shy really quick. He is just so perfect and he kills me every time.
His love for Tigger is so cute and adorable and makes me want to get a Tigger. It's so cute how he acts like a 5 five year when he has Tigger.
His smile just kills me. I fall in love with him even more every time he smiles because it's so adorable and he looks so handsome when smiling.
I mean just look at that smile. The next two gifs show how I feel every time I see him smile.
Well that is my ultimate Bias. I just love him so much and I want to meet him if they ever come back to the U.S.
Again I want to thank @B1A4BTS5ever for tagging me.
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I really really admire him. He's a great leader and a true artist!