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@poojas I've always wanted to see Naruto and Ichigo battle. It would be so epic!!!! I honestly don't know who would win. I wonder if it would in a tie. What do you think?
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9 tales too OP...:S
ichigo all day. no offense. but I think ichigo has this by a slight margin
*Twitches* Ugh, I'm a HUGE Naruto fan. I'm trying hard here not to let that get in the way. *Makes strained faces, twirls in chair* I really don't know. Trying to put a picture in my mind of the two battling is really hard. I want to give Ichigo some serious props here because due his weapons unique characteristics I think Naruto would have one hell of a match trying to get around it. But... knowing our feisty fox and that nearly bottomless chakra, I'd respectfully give up to Naruto for the win. But MAN, I would love to see these two go at it. I would almost -want- to be proved wrong on my decision because the thought of them together is just insane and very much welcomed.
*scream at the top of my lungs* ICHIGO!!!!!!
Ichigo. Especially if he lets that psychopath Shiro loose.