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Annaseo! Hey there! My Name Is Nathaly! (Please give me a cute nickname cause I dislike my name )
I just got into Kpop over the summer so any suggestions I'd be happy to accept. ( I only listen to boy groups unless you suggest some bomb ass girl group and their songs make me feel like I can rule the world (Hyuna ))
I love topp dogg
I'm slowly getting into exo
Seventeen (<3)
VIXX (was my first Kpop group So VIXX is life) And many more ! please don't hesitate in talking to me. I'm really shy so please talk to me ;u;
@PassTheSuga *whispers and hides under table * dont tell mother
@Atomshair *whispers* too 馃槒lol
@PassTheSuga yes like *whispers * I have so many of them thrusting and doing sexy things omg
@Atomshair I'M A TOADal GIF HOARDER TOO! 馃槀馃槀Its bad lol.
@PassTheSuga OH MY GOD YOUR USERNAME I'M CRYING and hello nice to meet you ! please send recommendations !! AND I HAVE A GAJILLION GIFS
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