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Life isn't always a smooth ride. And these people who failed at DIY projects know that for sure. Feel less horrible about your suckage by laughing at others' pain.

I'm not a crafty person, but at least I didn't make these.

Here we have the "Horrific Holiday Nail Nightmare"


Which is in good company with this fail-tastic Little Mermaid cake, that looks like someone torched Ariel and caught her mid-melt.

Another cake-like structure gone awry.

It's a rainbow of ugly.

Here's a failure for all you drink enthusiasts to cringe over.

Are you a Super Mario fan...too bad.

Stars are supposed to power you up...this one just makes me feel sad.

Want to bring a festive dish to your next Halloween party? Ha! No you don't.

Instead of a cute skeleton, you got The Thing.

Want to have a festive modern-art inspired Easter? You can't do that either.

Not a good look.

But the most depressing thing, is that you'll never be as cool as this guy.

We can all dream right? #goals
Okay, but that nail art one is real. That's pretty much me every time I ever do a nail art tutorial.
See!! @Animaniafreak it's the truth lol I'm glad! 馃榿
you're right, I do feel better about myself after reading this card! Lol
this is why I never try anything too creative. I nail nothing!
i have done the nail fail plenty of times. lol
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