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Okay, so I'm a bit behind the challenge, and I'm sorry for lagging behind, but life has been rather busy and I haven't had the time to gather all the images that I need for this challenge. Finally, I have way too many pictures, so please enjoy! :)
I also want you all to know that when I joined Vingle, I loved VIXX, and since then I can't live without it. I seriously listen to it 24/7, and have started watching as many videos of them outside of MV's as possible. So, thank you for my new life obsession!
Day 3: My Secret Bias
Okay, so I absolutely LOVE Hongbin, he's my secret bias, and here's a few awesome pics of him. I'll save the details for Day 4's post. :)
Day 4: What I love about each member?
N: Soooo charismatic! He's a really great leader. I've been watching VixxTV on Youtube, and I've found a new love for each of them members of the group.
Ravi: MC Ravi! LOL. Ravi is so much fun,and he's so encouraging to the other members of the group, I love that about him.
Ken: He's such a goofball! "Ken TV" I'd totally watch it! He is the *cute* main vocalist. I love how playful he is with all of the characters, and tries constantly to be in the center and to outdo N
Hyuk: He's my almost secret bias. I'm afraid I don't know a whole bunch about him though. But love him anyway
Hongbin: "The artwork" of VIXX. I love how he just hangs off of Ravi and how Ravi is so possessive of him. Lol. He, as you would know, is my secret bias. Despite titles, I really think he is the most attractive just in the looks department, but that's not to say the others aren't super good-looking too.
Leo: Honestly, Leo has never been my favorite over the others, but I love how deep he is. To him, everything is very serious. He has fun, to be sure, but he's so devoted to his singing, it's very admirable. What he lacks in "cuteness" he makes up in devotion and hard work.
Day 5: My favorite era?
Honestly, it's really hard for me to decide, because I really love all of them. But...I've been totally in love with Rock 'Ur Body since I saw it but also Hyde. So I would say one of those two eras, but I can't pin down which is my favorite.
Alright, that's all folks, thanks for reading, have a fun challenge. I'll come out with days 6-8 next. :)
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Woooo!! Another secret Hongbin bias <3 welcome to the club hahahaha