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My name is Jessica and new to this app! Kinda shy at first so you must be a very patient person to talk to me.
I've gotten way too deep into kpop this past year and none of my friends are interested. I love good music and dance groups! I was a very happy person when I found kpop Lol the last boy group I liked was Backstreet Boys but that was so long ago. Finally I've found groups around my age I could really like ^_^ So far the groups I've liked are...
Monsta X
And my male and female biases are Kwangmin and Amber! (Fun Fact: that moment above with Kwangmin is what won me over ^_^)
I didn't realize how much work is put into this however if you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them and to make some new friends along the way *none of the videos are mine*
Lol I'd probably have to get that app first @Roxy1903 but definitely will! @AimeeH thank you very much ^_^ @VixenViVi thanks!! which groups do you like? and trust me I am too when none of my friends have gotten any interest Lol @amandamuska Lol I've noticed! Everyone always asks if I know a certain song on the radio and I've never heard it in my life.. I'm not too fond of the music that's been playing lately /: but kpop has me hooked!
@Soheechanel @Marilovexoxo thanks! and I've began to notice that! I love it it's great ^_^
welcome!! were all one big kpop family here :)
@sugajin94 I'm starting to like it even more lol
@RaquelArredondo thank you very much!! ^_^
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