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The only video where I never had my usual thought, "awwww, he's so cute!" Nope! All hot grown man there. LOL!
And as a bonus for those that share my bias! Your welcome! LOL!
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@KathyVera thank you soooo much! this is my first card ever! I am thinking about doing one , that I will call Lay's split personality or something like that. you know how he's just so cute and then he dances and OMG jaws drop?
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@Exoexo @KathyVera I am taking votes for the name of my Lay card? help?! please. lol
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This hair needs a comeback like seriously! I loved it sooo much!
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@Tigerlily84 The first thing that comes to mind are the actual lays' commercials "taste one and you're in love". But that could be weird! Would "LAY it on me" be any better?
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I love his hair! I wouldn't mind seeing this again.
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