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And here I stand, On the mountain of bodies. Some my friends, Others my enemies. And I think to myself, I wish I were under they, And they, standing on I. For what matter is it that I have won, When all I have won was my shame? I survived this world all on my own! Why should it hurt? Then I look down once more. I did not survive all on my own. I clawed my way to the top, Not looking back, Until it's too late; The damage is done. Shall I join the mountain of fallen comrades, Who have fallen because of I? After all... The hardest part about surviving, Is when you've already won.
Umm... so hi! I'm Alexander, but you can call me Alex. Or Ally. Or Al. Or Ryder... lots of people call me Ryder. If you really want, you could call me Alio. Anywho! Ya. Some days I'm kinda dark... I think today is one of those days. Most other days I'm happy and weird! Very weird! Some people perceive my weirdness as "cute", however those people need to learn the difference between "cute" and "weird". So you know... there's my introduction. Say hi. Message me if you want. Do whatever you want. Imma gunna say bye now. Bia! *** NOTE: I do not own the picture!!! I just like it. A lot. ***
Lol, which name do YOU prefer, @AlexanderBeta? It's ok to be dark. I just told someone else that I tend to push out a lot of writing when I'm feeling the most intensity. That is how I cope. It's the equivalent of me walking into a room and saying, "I feel like ____ about ____ and I NEED someone to listen!!!" Except, I could Never actually do THAT!! You know?? I'd be terrified. Lol. I could never open up like that to people, but I can write it down... so, I write it down. Do you. Chances are, we already understand around here. :)
@ButterflyBlu I prefer anything. Just don't call me Alex the Alligator! 😋 And I totally get that feeling. Writing helps everything, doesn't it...@ButterflyBlu