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It's ok to go crazy when you meet a member of the kpop family
this is true family
this is a quality show with everything you're looking for
And if someone talks bad about this it's ok to say " I hope you have a long time left before you expiration date cause I'll haunt you every second" And mean it
but those who share that love that you do have that bond And even if you've never met your automatically family, friend, neighbor even if you live across the world you're in the same room laughing, crying ,hugging .
It's that connection ,the amazing feeling of "I'm not alone" and" I finally belong somewhere "! That is beautiful . most of all Korea taught me to be my self.... I'm most grateful for that and for all of you where ever you are, who ever you are.
Well I just found this and the feels are on overload. I spent my summer traveling Korea and I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you!
I feel you..Lol