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Hello all! @shannonl5 tagged me in this! So it's me pictured above and my boyfriend, Pi, and our daughter, Alita, in next picture. Plus a bunch more of Alita.
As some of you already know I enjoy Kpop. Pictured above are some of my favorites; Big Bang, 2ne1, BTS, Girls Generation, Utada Hikaru, and BOA.
Kdramas are also something I recently started enjoying again. Some favorites I have are Boys Over Flowers, Hyde Jekyll Me, Scholar Who Walks the Night, Faith, I Order You, etc.
I really enjoy drawing anime and am going to attend the Art Institute in October to pursue a career in Animation. So hopefully I will help create movies or series for you all to enjoy! Pictured above are some of my original art.
Playing videogames and watching movies and tv series is also a hobby of mine. Anything with a good story is good enough for me. I enjoy reading manga, fiction, fanfiction (Romantic peferred), and comic books.
This quite a bit about me. So..... Yep all done!
@loftonc16 I was totally won over by Orlando Jones from Sleepy Hollow. He's such a cool dude and totally loves fanfiction. He snapchats me occasionally lol. And I totally agree the previews didn't do it justice. I didn't like the second season as much but I'm hoping the next one is better. And yeah! I wrote one with Peggy Carter for vingle. I'm probably going to post some more soon when I have time
@shannonl5 Yeah I rather enjoy writing one every now and then. Ooo I love Sleepy Hollow! It's one series I though wouldn't be as good with the previews but I finally watched it and fell in love. Marvel fanfiction sounds good. You post them on vingle?
@shannonl5 Yep I think I have that community but I have to double check. I prefer reading but I have written one or two stories in my day. Mainly anime fanfiction and some tv series that I like is what I usually read. Right now I'm really into Fairy Tail fanfiction.
Yay! I love this card. You and your little cutie ^_^ and I had no idea you read fanfiction! Have you looked at the fanfiction community here? It's mostly kpop right now (and I'm still such a newbie with that lol) but I've posted a few things there as well. What ships?
@loftonc16 AND YOU WRITE!! That's so cool. I started writing fic again a little over a year ago because of Sleepy Hollow and totally haven't looked back. I'm working on some Marvel fic right now (big surprise).