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Just some amazing memories. I had such a blast there, the food was amazing, I met so many people who were so fun to hang out with. The scenery there is beautiful, water that is so clear you can see right the bottom, amazing white sand beaches and so much aquatic wildlife. I even ate conch for the first ( after finding a live one which made me slightly uncomfortable lol ) I recommend going :)
@tevinwithers21 we went to celebrate our 5th anniversary! it was a blast. and belize sounds amazing! you gotta take loads of pictures.
@VinMcCarthy yes it was great! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, what was the occasion? my next trip will be to Belize I'm heading there this weekend o.o so excited.
aw man this is dope! I got to go to Hawaii with my lady almost a month ago and it was the greatest trip of my life! gotta love the clear waters.