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One an angel, one a demon. Love at first sight. One so broken, dying inside, The other pure and white. She hated herself, With blood on her wrist. Her wings were ash black like night, And couldn't help but keep clenching a fist. He loved all there was, Cared so much - too much. His wings lush and lovely, He was always helping and such. Time went by - it always does, As they danced through the night. The fire blazed on inside them, They would always be in each other's sight. Later that year the woman looks in the mirror, And marvels at what she sees. Wings so lush, so beautiful, so bright, They were beautiful there, in the afternoon breeze. After a while the man looks in the mirror, And is frightened by what he sees. His wings were so worn, so dusty, so black, That he can't help but ask "What are these?" And so the story normally goes, It's possible that you may save one, And though it's great to save that one, You always must sacrifice a ton.
Hi there again! Sorry about this poem... it's not that good. I didn't originally intend for the poem to rhyme, but it kinda started flowing nicely, and so I was forced to cut out certain things and replace it with rhyming words and stuff... Oh! And sorry if I'm spamming you. I just have inspiration which is so cool!!! *** NOTE: I do not own the picture!!! I just like it. A lot. ***
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You aren't spamming, @AlexanderBeta. It's nice to have you here. ^.^ Never, ever apologize for your writing. If it came from within you, then it is important. The beautiful thing about writing is that we are able to constantly tweak it, nip it and adjust it, over and again, until it is exactly the way we want it. I have found myself editing poems that were written years ago, simply because my voice has very slightly changed and matured. Each piece helps us learn and grow, even if we aren't quite happy with the results yet. Please continue to share. I've enjoying reading your work. This poem in particular was poignant right now. :/