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Fall is upon us, and that means that apple picking season is officially here! Looking for a flexible, cheap, romantic date idea? Go pick some fresh fall produce!
Cost-effective. Apple picking is as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. Usually you can pick for free, and only have to pay for what you'd like to bring home. Want an excuse to hang out again in the near future? Your next date can be baking an apple pie together!
Flexible. You can make it as long or short an activity as you please. Sipping hot cider, wandering a corn maze, and taking a high ride are all optional (but encouraged).
Romantic. The best part of the whole shebang is wandering the long rows of trees with your date, holding hands and talking in the autumn sunlight. Natural beauty is all around: the colorful fall leaves, the aroma of ripe apples, your date's smile lighting up his or her face... and that slight nippiness in the air just might inspire some cuddling for warmth (and who knows – maybe a kiss or two).
Prime apple picking season is from late August until early October, so you don't have long to work up your nerves and ask out that special someone!