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In a time before cellphones, Kindles, and iPads, reading books was the preferred pastime of many a person taking a dump. Times have, however, changed, and one website company has decided to take it upon themselves to create a bridge for this technological gap.

Meet Poopfiction, the ultimate online resource for someone who enjoys a little lit while they -- well, you know.

The website works alongside sister site Project Gutenberg to provide free reading material for bathroom-bound bibliophiles everywhere. All you have to do is tell them how long you're going to be there - Tiny (1 - 2 minutes), Short (2 - 3 minutes), Medium (3 - 4 minutes).
And then there's Long (4+ minutes), the setting for people who need a little more fiber in their diets, to which I say:
Upon glancing, it seems that the content ranges from fables to short stories, with the site keeping track of which stories you've read in the off chance you might want to return to them later. All in all, the site is incredibly concise, making it easy for a quick pit stop visit.

So what say you, fellow Vinglers? Would you use this in the future, or does this seem a little nasty to you?

She searched the 'anals' of the Internet @loftonc16
@loftonc16 This reminded me of when I was a little girl and would go to friends' houses where their family had a magazine rack or some sort of book stack by the toilet. My face would be like D:
@JPBenedetto If we read something every time we pooped, we'd be more cultured people for it hahaha
@InPlainSight That's a really long poop, sir. What else have you got planned in there?
馃槀馃槀 Do I want to ask how you found this?
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