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My favorite video game character of all time ever in the history of video games has to be Big Boss. And a particular version of Big Boss at that. Not the new shiny Kiefer Sutherland version of Big Boss. But before he was actually called Big Boss, when he was John, when he was... Ugh, Naked Snake.
Okay, so his name is kind of stupid. But he's still the coolest. I like this version of Big Boss the most because he's at his most innocent. It takes the course of the game for him to realize that he spent most of his life doing what other people told him. Living a life that was set out for him by his superiors.
The most recent time I played through this game, I was at a point in my life where I realized I have let others influence my decision more than making my own. In a weird way, I identified with Big Boss and the internal struggles he was going through over the course of the game's narrative.
The way he was torn between two feelings (I can't really remember them, but I'm sure they're super action game-y) mirrored the way I felt in my daily life. I was more concerned with making other people happy than I was with making myself happy. I found more solace and acceptance in this weird spy-thriller-action-stealth game than in my support system. It's really weird to admit but if it wasn't for Big Boss, I'd probably, maybe be in bed right now wishing I was somewhere else.
And for that reason, Metal Gear Solid's pre-Big Boss, Big Boss is my absolute favorite character in all of video games.
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Hmmm that's a big stretch but I do like Solid Snake aka David.