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Hello everyone! My name is Sarah, and I love k-pop.
I am also trying to teach myself Korean... with the help of kpop, MANY study apps, and now Vingle, too!
My ultimate bias group is INFINITE, but I really love a reeeeeeeeally long list of other groups and soloists... I have an unhealthy obsession OOPS
I can be really weird and crazy sometimes, but I love to have fun!!! I love making friends too, so if you want you can just talk to me whenever~
We can have a kpop friendship party~! :D
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what apps do you use?? i wanna teach myself also
2 years ago·Reply
@Soheechanel When I go home tonight I will make a card of apps I use. I actually have a LOT. But just to let you know, I only have an android so I can't guarantee the apps I have will be in the Apple Store and such...
2 years ago·Reply
yayy thank you and i have a galaxy so i can get them
2 years ago·Reply
welcome to our group... you will find our community very friendly and helpful... many others as well as myself have post many resources to help with your studies...열공
2 years ago·Reply
cool. me too on the learning part and also listen to infinity but not always
2 years ago·Reply