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Is your relationship with your significant other just not that exciting anymore? Here are some tips guaranteed to help you bring back the spark!

1. Try exciting new things together.

Cook an exotic dish you've never tried before. Take a surfing lesson together. Explore a place you've never been. Boredom can come from always following the same old routine – break out of it!

2. Create a couple's bucket list.

What are the things you've always wanted to try, but never had the time (or the guts) to do? Or somewhere you've always wanted to go? Draw up a list of all the things you two want to do together, and tackle at least one every month.

3. Put your screens away.

Paying more attention to your phones or the TV than each other? Make a no-phones rule, to be placed in effect during meals, certain nights of the week, etc.

4. Try mini-dates!

Even if your busy schedules don't always allow time for weekly date night, try to set aside at least 20 minutes every day to talk to each other without distractions.

5. Talk about why you appreciate each other.

A little positive reinforcement can go a long way. Make your partner's day with a short note, or even a list of what you like about them.

6. Work out together.

Couples who sweat together stay together. Exercise increases libido, makes you more attractive to one another, and gets your blood pumping.

7. Do something crazy together.

Nothing too against the law, mind you – try skinny dipping, hooking up under the stars, running a marathon, sneaking into a concert... anything to get that adrenaline going!

8. Create a jar of fantasies.

If your intimate moments have been feeling a little vanilla, write down all your sexual fantasies on small slips of paper, fold them up, and put them in a jar. Pull one (or two, or three) out when you want to spice things up!

9. Make art for one another.

Write a poem about her eyes. Sing him a song that makes you think of him. Bake her cupcakes. Even if you're not an artist, something like a doodle of you two together or a handwritten letter can mean a lot. Or, you know, just order something handcrafted from Etsy!

10. Work on yourself first.

Remember that both partners have to be whole, independent people for a relationship to work. Take a little time and space for you, and try to become the best you you can be! Read those books you've been meaning to get to. Get in shape. Learn a new hobby. Re-ignite your passion for life, and let your passion for love follow.
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Remember, ruts are normal! All great couples go through them. If things are feeling a little stale, take a deep breath and don't worry too much about it – just do your best to shake things up, and pretty soon you'll be falling in love all over again!

Do you have any ideas for spicing up a bland relationship?

nothing gets my relationship more spiced up than a nice, wholesome jump on a trampoline.
@VinMcCarthy like they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it lol
@buddyesd that so cool. thus the reason I love walking. you take in so much when you walk or take the bus
@TerrecaRiley yea it's kinda like that with me lol but it's mostly cuz I don't like driving in Nuevo Laredo. if don't have to drive then I can enjoy it more :)
@buddyesd aw! that's nice. I wish my husband would do that with me. most of the time I have to force him out of the house. his idea of spending time together is staying at home...bbbbbboring!I just wanna get out of the damn house!
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