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Hey Marvel community! What's good?

We've been having some great conversations this week, so I thought I'd make a card to start a new one! Since quite a few of us would really like to see a Black Widow movie, we've got something important to consider: What should a Black Widow movie be about?
Spy thriller?

Summertime popcorn action movie?

Gritty, jaded, hyper-realistic heroic tragedy?

Honestly... I'd watch anything as long as it was a Black Widow movie.
What would you like to see? Is there a villain you think would make a really good antagonist for her? Or a character arc from the comics you think would work really well on film? Let's talk about it in the comments. ^_^
@purplem00n23 @shannonl5 @VinMcCarthy You ask have great ideas that I would LOVE to see in a Black Widow movie! And yes, I do have some Natasha feels :) Pretty much I want to see how she evolved from an assassin for the KGB to one for SHIELD, and yes, I want to see how her relationship with Fury and Clint started. In Avengers we can see that Clint means a lot to her, and in Winter Soldier we saw how upset she was over Fury's death. And of course BUDAPEST!! Also, I would LOVE a Black Widow movie because hopefully they would fix the characterization (or complete lack of) that they attempted for Age of Ultron. They can't take back what they've already established, but if they found a way to further her character development to attempt to make up for it, a Black Widow movie would be really successful.
@shannonl5 in terms of the MCU? sequel. let's look at Natasha as our established widow, and maybe in the third act there can be a flashback to Yelena as an origin to the red room.
@tardisdragon7 @purplem00n23 yeah definitely an emphasis on Fury and a little more information about Budapest. I'm also really intrigued by the Black Widow program in general. We learned a bit more about it from Agent Carter, but it would have evolved since the 50s. What were the other trainees like? Did any of the other ones survive? And you're definitely right tardis, they probably can't take back what's already been established. But I could totally see them working with it. I don't think AoU handled the ideas they were trying to express well at all, but a skilled writer who's more self-conscious about those ideas could do a really interesting job. @VinMcCarthy you're not the only one feeling a little bitter. I honestly expected better. Perhaps that was my mistake.
@tardisdragon7 exactly! they could retroactively apply some characterization to Natasha, and hopefully wash some of the bad taste left in fans' mouths after AoU. Plus, it could serve as a tie-in to other MCU stuff, or even just bridge continuities between agent carter and modern day. "I can do what I do because of women like Peggy Carter" or something like that, maybe. I'm thinking out loud here.
@shannonl5 @purplem00n23 lolololol "focus of her characterization" as if there were any (am I bitter? naaaahhhh) also I'd love to see that relationship with Fury! it would be killer.
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