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Nicole - vocals for Kara [ 카라 ] and Jung Yong Hwa, lead vocal and rhythm guitar for C.N.Blue [ 씨엔블루 ] pose together. Yong Hwa and Nicole both did a fantastic job as emcees for the 2013 Golden Disk Awards held in Kuala Lumpur. Both Kara and C.N.Blue took home numerous awards. The GDA are known as the Korean Grammy Awards. 2013 marked the 27th annual awards and featured the likes of PSY, Super Junior, B2ST, Big Bang, Juniel, EXO and Ft Island. Fashion, dancing, and loads of favorite performances. Watch the GDA on DramaFever.
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@katieloildlei - do I need to follow my own?
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@anvesha - I'm kinda there already!
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@Larkspurs no, that's your own collection you can do whatever you wanted to do with it.
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@katieloidlei ok i am sorry..hehehehebut all your cards are A-one..loved them all.. @Larkspurs then you won't have any problem..:P
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No @anvesha I'm the one who's sorry, I forgot to put an "I" .. hahaha. Well anyways, thanks so muchy sissy.
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