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Dads love sports. That's just a part of life. This week, dad complains about a huge issue among sports fans: TV Timeouts
A TV Timeout is when games take an intentional break, not part of the real game, in order for advertisements to be run.
Now, my dad loves all sports: Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis...even Curling (that strange shuffling sport played on the ice during the Olympics...I don't know). But he really loves football.
I've never seen someone so engrossed in television as my dad during the heat of a football game. I can see him now, hunched over on his couch in the front room...peering at the screen like a crazed lunatic, screaming FUMMMMMBBBLLLLEEEEEE so loud that it wakes up everyone in the house.
What can you do? Dads love sports.

In a very spirited "Grumpy Monday" dad complains about the commercial to game ratio and how it's completely unacceptable. Here we go.

As always these cards are written by my father @MattStevens , and my commentary is signaled by "Tess' Note". This one might hit home for you sports fans:
I’m convinced there is not enough money in the world to satisfy the people who profit from televised college and professional football games. All summer, I look forward to the beginning of football season. Then, after the first college football weekend—even before the professional football season begins—I remember why I’ve come to hate watching football on TV.
There are so many required TV timeouts during football games now that commercial time triples actual football action time. During the Wisconsin/Alabama game Saturday night, there were 142 plays, averaging less than 15 seconds each. There were more than 200 commercials, averaging 30 seconds each. You do the math. I’m too disgusted.
Here’s the worst part: Over the years, the NCAA and the NFL have responded to complaints that the games are taking too long by actually decreasing the number of plays in each game, while doing nothing to reduce commercial stoppage time.
Do you remember when the clock in college and NFL games would stop when a player was tackled out of bounds and not re-start until the ball was snapped for the next play? [Tess' Note: I'm not old, so no.] In case you hadn’t noticed, the clock only stops now (except during the last two of minutes of each half), until the ball is spotted by the official. Because the offensive teams still have the full play clock to use before snapping the ball, there’s very little difference between going out of bounds and not going out of bounds during most of the game. That’s what they’ve done to speed up the games—instead of eliminating a few mandatory TV timeouts! Come on, man!
There are blocks of commercials after nearly every change of possession. That means nearly every time a team kicks off, punts, attempts a field goal, loses a fumble or throws an interception, we can count on a two to four-minute delay.
There were 21 kickoffs, punts or field goal attempts in the Wisconsin/Alabama game. That’s more than an hour of commercials related to the kicking game alone. Then, you’ve got huge commercial blocks during halftime and between quarters. You’ve got commercials during “official reviews.” You’ve got commercials during injury timeouts.
[Tess' Note: This is why football games seem to last an eternity, not because of the game itself, but because of the damn commercials. Dad's got a point.]

Games that begin at 8 p.m. often end after midnight. I guess keeping the clock running after players get tackled out of bounds isn’t getting it done.

The NCAA and the NFL should definitely take another meeting to discuss reducing the time it takes to play the games. Maybe this time they’ll shorten the play clock by ten seconds and eliminate all huddles. Maybe they’ll outlaw the singing of the National Anthem. Wait. No. That would cut out the commercial block between the National Anthem and the opening kickoff.

Trust me. They’ll do something, but they won’t dump commercial opportunities--until we stop watching. Okay. You stop first.

Tess' Note: We all know you're not giving up football dad, and we can't see other sports-obsessed parents doing it either. It's the thought that counts though...right?
Time out indeed.
Do you love sports? Is your dad a total fan of a team? Let me know below!
And tune in for more #GrumpyMonday columns from my dad in the "Grumpy Old Man" collection on Vingle!
@buddyesd hahah that is such a dad thing to say "The cowoboys couldn't even catch a cold" lol. My dad would approve of that for sure. Are they your favorite team right now? Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? I know that it's really early for this lol. @ButterflyBlu too hhahaha
@TessStevens I know I hate all the commercials!! I once told my dad the only thing the cowboys could catch was a cold...and they wouldn't even have it for long lol. he was...not...happy :p
@buddyesd @ButterflyBlu seriously though what more can they cut out of the actual game!!!? Hahah and Go Cowboys right? I like the Raiders...just because they're a sad underdog lol
@buddyesd you ARE a disappointment. Gah. I don't know if we can keep you Now... Lol
Ah Texans eh @budyesd hahahah do the cowboys have any prospects this year @ButterflyBlu I haven't looked into them in a while?
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