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After taking a pair of scissors to my hair, and vowing to take better care of it, I now consider styles that will protect my hair. At first, I was wearing wigs. There are a few pros and cons to wearing wigs. The pros are that I can take it off at the end of the day, it's affordable, and I can switch up my style without adding any heat or color damage to my own hair.
But then I went into box braids. What I like about box braids is that I don't have to do anything to my own hair. I also like that I can keep this style for a couple of months. What I don't like about box braids is how expensive they are and how long it takes to do them.
Considering both protective styles, I do prefer box braids. I think that I can probably tolerate the wigs again during a cooler season.
I haven't really explored more protective styles. But, I do have my eye on crochet braids. I really think those are gorgeous.

What style is your go-to-protective style?

I like mini twist or box braids but I usually do those in the winter to avoid having it on my back too hot for that lol or Marley twist
@KamiWilliams I agree! Wigs are definitely versatile. And @vw908 same with me! I used to always get sew ins, but my hair won't blend now that I'm natural. But wigs for the win! I am definitely scooping up a few wigs this winter for sure :)
@jordanhamilton, I prefer wigs because, as mentioned, I love the convenience of wearing wigs and being able to change my style. I really don't have the patience for braids or sew-ins any more and they are pretty pricy and since I'm natural, I can't leave any of my hair out with a sew-in 馃槣 I might be going back to wigs in the fall/winter seasons馃拞 or cutting it 馃拠
I enjoy wigs alot it allows me to have variety and change more often~ :3
I like both. There are definitely pros and cons to both. I will say my favorite is the box braids! They are beautiful! But of course, it is not advised to constantly have them in your hair since it creates so much stress for your hair. When i don't have the braids, I typically wear curly half wigs or curly ponytail clip ons. :)
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