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After taking a pair of scissors to my hair, and vowing to take better care of it, I now consider styles that will protect my hair. At first, I was wearing wigs. There are a few pros and cons to wearing wigs. The pros are that I can take it off at the end of the day, it's affordable, and I can switch up my style without adding any heat or color damage to my own hair.
But then I went into box braids. What I like about box braids is that I don't have to do anything to my own hair. I also like that I can keep this style for a couple of months. What I don't like about box braids is how expensive they are and how long it takes to do them.
Considering both protective styles, I do prefer box braids. I think that I can probably tolerate the wigs again during a cooler season.
I haven't really explored more protective styles. But, I do have my eye on crochet braids. I really think those are gorgeous.

What style is your go-to-protective style?

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I like mini twist or box braids but I usually do those in the winter to avoid having it on my back too hot for that lol or Marley twist
Oh,okay. Yeah, next time I'll do maybe cornrolls. I just need to learn how to braid. ;___; @GeGe21
braids...that's the way to go...I also do wats it called cocoon curls?!? n cold washes too...
I had never heard of cocoon curls. I just searched for it now. They look so beautiful! @candyland1986
They are easy too...