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The dentist that killed Cecil the Lion is back at work in his office. Despite receiving criticism and public threats, Walter Palmer is returning back to work. After social media pegged him as “enemy number 1” it seems they can’t let him out of the spotlight. Even as he returns to work.

Do we need to criticizing for him returning back to his normal life? Or is this a crime still worth badgering?

Cartoon by: Malcolm Mayes
honestly, I think his persecution is the dumbest thing. Feel how you want to feel morally, whatever. this guy hunted and killed the animal legally. and really all the people clamoring about this nonsense, how much have they really done to protect wildlife like their beloved Cecil?
ooooooooh are sneaky sneaky
@nicolejb wait till we're sure he's not armed and send a lion into his surgery. See what a big man he is then
@nicolejb I think that it's important to have that discussion about changing the law. but the way it stands right now, he did everything within his ability to persue this hunt legally. at least as far as the evidence shows so far. they got the necessary license/permit and such.
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