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Possibly the best thing ever Hahaha I about died of laughter!
Yes. Just... Yes. I've had guys/boys come at with crap about which Pokemon I was about to use - and let's face it, they don't do that to other guys as much when we're all sitting around, because, boobs=noobs, right? (Ohhh yeah, dude told me in the a raid once.) Man, oh man. I smile... Always sweetly. Then, kick their butt. Then, tell them where to go. Losers. ***Not. All. Men.*** Now my son, bless him, he'll say, "you really DON'T want to tell my mommy which Pokemon to use... ok then... neeeeveeeermiiiind". /highfive when I win ;) I'll stop ranting now. >.> Sorry. Lol.
Yes. Yes, @Arellano1052, you Will call me ma'am from now on!! :P lol I will hit you if you don't behave. And I don't think I even want to know what the guess was at this point. It'll just make me feel older. >.< Young twerps... But... Since you had such a great idea there... I might forgive you. :P A massage like that would be amazing!! ^.^
@ButterflyBlu lmfao I agree with your youth XD That's what I was saying XD You just shocked me, because I over estimate the age on people a lot, because I suck, so I usually subtract 7 years from my guess haha interesting stuff.... Should I call you "ma'am" from now on? 😜😂😇 And a massage with warm, scented oils would've also helped a lot too. It always does.
@Arellano1052 Dude!! I am not that old. Lol. Seriously. I had my son pretty young. The man who became my husband and I met when I was a kid. We were best friends. We got married when I was 19. (He was older than me.) We were going to wait a few years to have a children, until I finished college, but we got pregnant on our honeymoon. By that time, he'd retired as an MP and was working as a city K9 narcotics officer. Our son was almost 2 when he was killed in the line of duty. So I'm not that old, mister!! The relationship...well. That's where it went sideways. Lol. It started as friendship... And romance started growing where I knew darn well nothing else Needed to grow and it happened to spite me anyway. Sigh. We've worked it out, but it was high stress because I just didn't know how it would go. I'm one of those people who values the friendships that I make VERY much. If I connect with someone that closely, it's important to me, you know? I'm doing a bit better. You were actually the Third man to suggest a long bath. (I'm surrounded by awesome men!) So, yeah, a bath, a book, and some wine helped. ^.^ I'll always be ok.
@ButterflyBlu like... A Romantic relationship? Or a friendship relationship? And seven?!? What? But you look young haha I mean, not that it's a bad thing, but I expected you to say 3 or 4. And I know you probably didn't say that for sympathy, but I'll still say that I'm sorry for your loss. And it sounds like... You need a day or two for yourself. I think it would do you wonders. A bubble bath ^.^ a tub of Ice cream and a glass of wine and your favorite movie or book or songs playing
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