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I'm really enjoying writing all these headcanons for you! Here's a set that will (hopefully) make you all smile this weekend (I know it's a little early- enjoy)!
1. Natasha has a vine account that is 100% Steve getting upset with the future. "They put the Dodgers WHERE?!"
2. Rhodey and Sam spend a lot of time complaining about their stubborn super-BFFs. It's become a knitting club. Stitch n' Bitch about our Avenger friends.
3. Thor LOVES the action figures people make of him. He has a huge collection. They all play together.
4. After he escapes from Hydra, Bucky spends a lot of his spare time buying food for the homeless. He does so using the Hydra company card.
5. No, Tony Stark will never remember that Pepper is *allergic* to strawberries. Whoops.
6. Clint keeps surprising everyone. Hiding in the rafters. Hiding a secret family. Hiding a surprising skill for playing the banjo.
7. Wanda and Natasha WILL beat you at karaoke. It is a competition. And they will win.
8. Bruce's panic room in the Avengers tower (full of tea and relaxing music and relaxation-friendly video games) is slowly becoming the hangout room. It's really cozy in there. And there are cookies. Can you blame them?
9. Nick Fury practiced that menacing look in the mirror. And it works. Every time.
10. That shawarma place had to expand because of the Avengers. And their food is still pretty decent.
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I feel like Stitch n' Bitch would make a great podcast or YouTube channel. With the avengers as their guests.
@buddyesd oooh I totally see that! Right on! @purplem00n23 lol I can imagine that. I bet Jarvis would totally sell him out though. Traitor
@YoSoySoysauce this is an excellent idea we need to bring it to Marvel right now immediately
8 is the best
@LadyExperiment hehe thank you ^_^