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This one shouldn't be hard for me at all....right? He IS my bias after all....but....


How am I supposed to pick only 10 pics?! Sure, I picked about 30 for N but that's just because I wanted to spoil @kpopandkimchi with lots of N pics. I'm going to limit myself to 10 total for today :)

Here we go!!

There's no Leo like a Leo on stage :)

Never. Forget. This. Day.

Or, the brighter side of the hair: this day!

Blessed be the Book of Rovix for bringing us this wonderful image.
OK this is a personal pic but I can't get over his expression so sharing the super blurriness hahaha thanks for the photo crystal!
I really love the way Leo always tries to take a few minutes to thank his fans, and even if he doesn't always bow as much as other idols, his hand clasp like this is the way that he shows his thanks to everyone.
LR was such a great time! I love his hair, and I love how he is signing these hahaha!

A happy Taekwoon on a stage in front of happy Starlights. Oh, happy day!!

Yasssss so much Leo
@netchtiBates yessss ♡.♡
LEOOOOOOOO!!!!! I think I literally was SQUEALING when looking through this card. And it's midnight right now. xD