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The Story of My Life as a Druid. Lol. It never fails.
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Oh man, I tried playing a druid once, and I did SUCH a bad job lol. I'm a wimp because I'm only comfortable playing classes with heavy range DPS. (Mages FTW!!)
@shannonl5 :) Yeah, they can be, huh? @danidee, I get that. I am SO not a melee type person (in WoW). That's why I play the bird. :P I like to stand in the back and watch everyone else get stabbed. lol
I'm the one who everyone yells at when I'm a hunter because I forget that my pet has controls. :'( Mages are a little less risky lol.
Don't feel bad, @danidee. I've done it on my warlock more times than I'd like to admit. lol
@ButterflyBlu this is probably one of the weirdest things about me. Like unless it's a bear that's in trouble or something, I pretty much always think bears are funny. It's terrible. Watching Brave with me was probably a real challenge