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안녕 친구 ! !

Hello to anyone that will read this lol btw that says hi friend up there👆 I JUST started using this app so I'm still a noob but COME SAY HI /I'd love to make some friends on here/ NOW LETS DISCUSS 화양연화 PT 2 You're ready right? HAHAHAHAHAH NOT ME😫😫
ughhhhh bts why
Don't even remind me seriously. I've been mentally f*cked ever since I watched the prologue
@Kat711 YAS!!
They'll soften out hearts with this aesthetic concept but we all know that sexy concept is coming @sugajin94 @KpopGaby
@jiggzy19 @B1A4BTS5ever @KpopGaby YASS HAHAH I feel like they should rest some more but maybe that's just me being dramatic bc 1 month isn't long enough for me😂
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