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Hey Vingle gamers! Here's yet another infusion of delicious gaming questioning!
Everyon'e responses and cards have been awesome, and I'm glad we are all getting to know each other better as Vinglers and as gamers. So let's keep on keepin' on.
Here's today's question!

What game, or moment in gaming, made you teary-eyed?

For me, it honestly had to be when I killed the Phalanx in Shadow of the Colossus.

This game is my favorite game, and not just for mechanics or visuals, but also for the emotional journey it brought me on as I played it. Part of that emotional journey was having to kill the Phalanx. This giant, majestic beast wasn't even trying to do me any harm. It was content to just fly lazily around its domain.
But my mission was clear. If I was going to save Mono, it had to be done. I had to slay this incredible being.
And my heart was ripped from my chest.
@MattK95 judgement free zone... No worries, I cried, too. @loftonc16 YES. I cry a lot playing games, if the game is Good. I'll have to think about which one was big, though.
Shadow of The Colossus is one of my all time favorite games, and yes it got me a bit emotional at times too. Beautiful game.
Mine was also from my favorite game Persona 3. It is actually the ending so I'm not going to say anything. ><
@buddyesd There you go linked it for you :)
Actually the opening moments of Dragon Age 2 when Hawkes sibling dies, trying to save their mother, and then later on when his mother is murdered, cried both judgement thank you XD
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