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Do you get paid time off from your job?

I just read some news about how big of a problem the "vacation crisis" is in America. Basically, most jobs in America are not offering nearly as much vacation time as other countries, and even in jobs where there is "unlimited time off," many people are too afraid to take time off for fear of it affecting how they are viewed in the company.
This is a really big problem in America, though most people don't seem to be in a rush to fix it, so I'm curious as to how my personal experience matches up to everyone else.
These were quotes gathered by BBC for the article that show just how Americans are feeling about their time off.

So I'd like to ask everyone to answer some questions:

1) how much vacation time do you get a year, and is it paid time off?
2) what country do you work in?
(By the way, I work in America and I get 80 hours of paid time off per year, which equates to about 10 days).
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I’ve totally seen those companies that have unlimited vacation, and how employees feel pressure to not go on vacation. I hope that rhetoric changes too! I’d take advantage of that too. lol
Philippines - I think we have like 15 paid vacation days a year :)
@WiviDemol That's not too bad! Does that include nnational holidays, or is that separate from them?
@drwhat yeah. National holidays are separate.
@drwhat I am in Australia and we get 20 paid vacation days per year, and most companies let you 'buy' additional vacation time up to an extra 4 weeks per year.