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Let's just say, hopefully you don't throw up your breakfast.

When it comes to makeup, nobody in their right mind is going to pass up a good deal. Why spend full price for a beauty blender, when you can get it for half the price from a reseller. If you're not familiar with resellers, they are people who buy items in bulk and sell them for half the price to make a profit. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, according to Stevie Miller from the UK -- she thought so as well, until she experienced something that made her skin crawl [literally].
Like any woman who wants an amazing steal on her favorite beauty products, Stevie purchased a beauty blender from an "authorized reseller" -- as she tells Mashable. Although these resellers buy their items from actual beauty outlets, it's what happens to those products after they are purchased that determines the condition that they are in when sold to buyers. When Stevie received her beauty blender, she was greeted with a few extra guest [see video above] and let's just say it wasn't a warm welcome at all.

The moral of the story is:

1.) Make sure you always purchase your beauty products from a well known retailer. Stray away from resellers and those who sell products by the bulk.
2.) Beauty blenders need to be washed frequently because sponges are known to harbor bacteria -- and in Stevie's case, bugs.
Let this be a lesson. Full price might not be ideal, but neither is an unwanted family of creeper crawlers.
Disclaimer: A press representative from Beauty Blender is currently investigating the video. There is still no word whether this video is legit or made up.