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Thank You!
Hi. Above all thank you so much for the warm welcome from the members of Vingle (or Vinglers?) since the first day I use this app. You guys are so nice and friendly. I adore the fact that almost everyone in each community are close to one another. Reading the cards and the comments always cracked me up. And as Seungri, Jongin, Kyungsoo and Taehyung stan; I am glad that I found plenty nice cards of them. Anyway, I am sending my special gratitude to a fellow VIP who had led me to Vingle. This is her post on another app for VIPs named BIGBANG Club. Up till now, I haven't found her yet and I hope that I would soon. Dear Izzy <3, where are you? :D thank you so much. Also to fellow Vinglers, thank you for being super nice. anyway I'm not the user who had replied to Izzy in the pic. To Kpop Bubbletea Ninja; you too, where are you? -Ira
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But really, this is so cool! Whoever that VIP was I'm glad she brought you to us~ *huuuuuuuuuuuuuugs you*
@kpopandkimchi I know, she's cool right? ^^ I'm still searching for any trace of her, apparently. It would be nice if I manage to find her soon. *hugs you back* *wink*