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Okay, so I love finding art that's unique and understandable for people of all ages soooo I was cruising through Facebook when I found an video from a 21 year old animation major and comic artist. INTRODUCING: Vivienne M. Medrano I love her work. Apparently she's a devoting artist sprawled all over the internet, involving Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, and Google. Her portfolios show her beautiful unique creations with their individual personalities. Of all the artists I've ever seen online, she's the most free and unafraid. She works diligently and her lines and shapes of her characters show her willingness for uniqueness and sharp attention to detail. Her colors, her blends and splashes, swim across the screen and take you somewhere alive and happy. And honestly, the best part to me is that she makes characters of all shapes and sizes, all wonderfully different. I've never seen her create the same thing twice. Her imagination is breathtaking. And that's coming from a writer that stocks books like a kid stocks candy. I wanted to share this 'cause I think she really deserves it. She makes animation videos and they've made me smile and others have warmed my heart and some are just ones you really want to dance to! Find her on YouTube and you'll see what I'm getting at ;3 For one of many of her portfolios, here's one you can check out: On YouTube, she's known as: Vivziepop And on DeviantArt: VivzMind I really hope you enjoy!
Woaaaaa those are amazing !!!! I could see them on the big screen one day! Like a Disney movie of some sort ! They are so detailed
@Marichel yay! I'm glad you like them ^_^ thank you for sharing @Luci546
@shannonl5 indeed I did they are very cute
Ooooh I love this! @marichel did you see these yet? Seems like it would be right up your alley!
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