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To be or not to be is the question.

A pedicure is a woman's best friend in the summertime, but why do those biweekly trips to the nail salon often stop once the weather begins to break? A woman getting a pedicure is equivalent to a man drinking an iced cold beer after a long day on the job. It's one of the only times that most women get to sit back and relax while getting pampered by a total stranger [or lack there of, depending on how often you go]. Just because boot season is upon us doesn't mean that your toes can't look decent in your boots.
When it comes to my feet, I enjoy the idea of having a fresh pedicure. You never know where you might be when you have to take your shoes off, so it's always best to have your toes looking halfway decent than to just give up on your feet until the summertime rolls back around. If you're not a nail salon type of woman, you can still keep your feet groomed in the comfort of your home. Yeah, you're not exempt. Every woman should have pretty feet and if you don't, it doesn't take much effort to make them pretty. Summer may be waving goodbye, but that doesn't mean your pedicures should be doing the same. If you're still not convinced that pedicures in the winter could benefit you in more than one way, let me explain with five simple explanations.

A pretty woman should have pretty feet.

If you pride yourself in your looks than you should also pride yourself in your feet. Of course people see your face before they see your feet, but a set of pretty feet are just as important.

A pedicure won't only make your feet happy.

Who wouldn't love the idea of a quick get away to be pampered? You work hard enough, just sit back and let them do their job. Talk about a great escape during the day.

If you take care of your feet now, you won't have to worry as much later.

If you groom your feet from a young age, once you get older you won't have to worry about dry, cracked and bloody feet [as much].

It's the woman-ly thing to do and you'll feel pulled together.

As a woman, we all want to feel pulled together and complete. A pedicure is like the icing on the cake. If your face is beat and your nails are nicely manicured, to complete the package you have to have your toes done. It's only right.

Call up your local nail salon and make your next appointment.

It's never too late -- or too chilly.