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Good Morning everyone!♡ Decided to start this morning with my exo loves. I seriously dont post enough about exo which is kinda sad because they were one of the first groups I started listening to..
1st member I'll talk about is the very adorable and extremely talented Baekhyun♡ although hes not my first love he's definitely one of my bias hes just soo cute and his voice is out of this world.Baekhyun is seriously soo cute and his best friend is my #1 love Chanyeol so thats always good lol
Next we have Drip Coffee♡(or for some strange reason some call him sehun lol)Definitely another one of my loves , he is just too much sometimes. Just look at that face what's not to love. and hey if you make him drip coffee he'll love you forever
next we have this gorgeous specimen Chen♡ like baekhyun this man can sing!! Its already too much with just his face but when he sings, I just forget how to life Seriously I just love everything about Chen
Do I seriously need to introduce this one. We all know this gorgeous hunk of man is Laythe killer of all fangirls lol
Next is Kai the dancing queen of the group aka the man this one seriously knows how to pull in all the ladies so watch out he's sneaky.
Here we have my little squishy pudding Xiumin aka baby GD.Idk why but sometimes he looks like a young gd mixed with someone else.He's is seriously the cutest thing ever and is eyebrows are always on fleek. I just want to squish him all day he's too adorable really❤
Well well well, here is my formerly secret love who I tried to hide but I just couldn't anymore. Yes I know he's not in the group anymore but I love Taohe is the sweetest, cutests , most adorable there is. He is like a baby but the cutest baby ever and he's soo talented its insane SM should have used him more vocal wise while they had him because this man can sing and he sings good. he can pretty much do anything and everything. How could you not love Tao really he's amazing
Last but not least My ultimate exo bias , my love , my sunshine Chanyeol♡♥ Chanyeol was my first bias in exo and pretty much my first bias ever!u ghh where do you start with someone so perfect. He is just so talented, he can rap , compose, play instruments which extremely impressive because he cant even read music but he can still follow a tune perfectly. I just love my chanyeol so much he is soo sweet and seriously always makes me smile I honestly dont know what id do without my chanyeol he is seriously amazing.His face says it all hes an adorable little baby trapped in a mans body because that voice of his is just too much for my heart sometimes Chanyeol is just perfect♡♥
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yeah! your right chanyeol is soo perfect!!
@dancer1248MN yes! He's a perfect singer,rapper ,songwriter , he plays every instrument he's basically perfect future husband material
@Jiyongixoxo yeaaaahhh!! and I love his deep voice too!!
@dancer1248MN yes!!! That deep voice is too much and it's weird because he looks like an adorable bean but sounds like a grown man haha
@Jiyongixoxo hahahahaha!! 😂😂😂