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Like a high energy, grown up version of their early song, "Happiness"... As far as I could tell its a song about not being just another "mass produced, cog in the corporate machine... I wasn't expecting the verse long shout out to Michael Jackson but it was still an awesome song... RV is back and in full form
It does seem like a much more polished, grown up version of "Happiness". It is super catchy, and I'm always impressed by RV. I think if the song is about not just being a tool in a corporate world, it's a little ironic since RV has been speculated as a distraction for SM scandals whenever they do a comeback. But besides all that conspiracy, I really like Red Velvet and hope SM pours what they can into them to help them flourish (unlike some groups...)
not a fan of rv but that 'dumb dumb dumb' part is catchy~ I like the song so far.
@baileykayleen, it may be their answer to all those rumors, speculations, and scandals