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For those who didn't believe it was real.... Their English literally killed me though XD Let me know if you're going to Houston, and maybe we'll run into each other!!


Since I didn't clarify before, and since there was a recent update about tickets.
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of course not by where I live😭
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@ParkMeiFan right ughh
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When I saw the welcome vid I just started rolling around all over the place. I AM SO EXCITED!! I wish I had bros to go with me to SF. I'm gonna be so weird and alone haha but WHATEVER IMMA TOUCH BTS HAAAAAANDS AHHHHHHHHHHH
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Arent i the unluckiest person ever !? I had the money !! I went all happy to buy the shirt and what happened ? ..... Sold out !! Yup sold out !! ...... I gave up trying to find somebody who has or was selling one ..... But no so i gave up ..... What happened next ? They go back out for sell !! I freaked out i come running home trying to buy the shirt and what happens ..... IT SOLD OUT ! 😭😭😭
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They came to Chicago but I couldn't go. γ… .γ… 
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