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Hey Just moved to korea would like some cool new friends lol
hey everyone :) i know this may seem kinda weird but i just moved to korea about a month ago and im slowly trying to learn the language i live close to iksan but go to seoul every once in a while i have kakao just message me for it? lol thanks for reading
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@ajv254, its a beautiful country, I really enjoyed my time there
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I plan on moving to Korea. Please post updates on living in korea and tips too if possible please!
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WOW!!! :O REALLY? That's amazing! I Hope you have loads of fun!! :D and Since I want to move to korea some day too can you probably tell me a website to look for Housing?
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never been to Korea I'm jelly! but I met some cool people FROM Korea through the HelloTalk app. The app connects you with people who are learning your language and you theirs. try it out its fun :)
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