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Soulful Singers that get me
North Jones Happy Pills
Colbie Callait Try
Lana Del Rey Born to die
so I'm having a rough week and I like to listen to, soulful, sad, happy, and just an eclectic taste. But right now on my lunch period these songs are helping me. Thanks Norah, Colbie, and Lana always being there with your voices. I need this before I broke down and cried at work for my emotional turmoil going on in my head. What songs get you out of a funk? Help grow my music playlists can br from different genres? Not a music snob here. @biancadanica98 @DanRodriguez @karinafarias @AimeeH @vanemunos @aliciasalinas @shannonl5 @chandnip804 @baileykayleen @wafflesdrowning @drummergirl691 @CandanceJohnson @sherrysahar @RobertMarsh @B1A4BTS5ever @vanemunos
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